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Margaret "Peggy" A. Diedrich

January 28, 1955 — April 6, 2023

New Hope

Margaret "Peggy" A. Diedrich

Margaret “Peggy” Ann Diedrich age 68 of New Hope on April 6, 2023.

Peggy was a faithful member of the Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and her Seven Sisters prayer group.

She is preceded in death by her parents, Elizabeth “Betty” (nee Prymos) and Thaddeus Edward Diedrich.

Peggy is survived by her sisters and brothers, Mary Kuettner and John, Theresa McLaughlin and Mark, Frances “Fran” Diedrich, Thomas Diedrich and Randee, Robert Diedrich and Sherry; her many nieces, nephews, great-nieces, great-nephews, relatives, and many friends.

Mass of Christian Burial 10:00 AM, Wednesday, April 12 at the Church of St. Raphael, 7301 Bass Lake Road, Crystal.

Interment Gethsemane Cemetery.

Visitation 5:00-8:00 PM Tuesday, April 11 with the Rosary and The Chaplet of Devine Mercy to be said at 7:00 PM along with a time of memory sharing following at Gearty-Delmore Robbinsdale Chapel, 3888 W. Broadway, Robbinsdale.  A visitation will also be held one hour prior to the Mass in the East Gathering Space of church.

Autobiography of Margaret “Peggy” A. Diedrich


I was born on January 28th, 1955.  I grew up in Crystal, Minnesota.  When I was five years old, my dad taught me how to plant seeds in the garden.  I liked it very much, so every year I would help dad work in the garden.  I continued working in the garden for many years after I left home.  I enjoyed looking at the beautiful nature God created for us.  It was fun planting flowers too and watching them grow.  I liked being outside to play.

I started to learn how to ride a tricycle at three or four.  After that I received a bike to ride.  I’ve been riding a bike ever since and enjoyed it very much.

I have five siblings, starting from the oldest:  Mary Theresa, Margaret, Fran, Tom and Bob.  We were all “cradle Catholics”, and had two devoted Catholic parents.  They practiced their faith well and also taught us our faith.


When I was in kindergarten, at five years old, I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  I needed a nurse at school in case I got sick.  Sacred Heart School in Robbinsdale didn't have a nurse, so I had to go to public school (Adair Elementary).  When I was in sixth grade, the girls were taught two Home Economic classes.  They were cooking and sewing.  We had to make a blouse and a pair of pants.  This subject in particular was interesting to me.  As I was growing up in grade school and middle school (Carl Sandberg 7th-9th grade), I experienced a lot of name calling and bullying.  The kids didn't understand my illness , so they made fun of me.  I couldn't seem to make friends very well because of the rejection I received.  Things changed when I was a junior in high school.  I was shocked to see some people greeting me and being nice to me.  Seeing that Armstrong High School was in its first years (1970-71), the construction wasn't completed until the end of the next year.  Thus, we had a split shift with high school students at Cooper High School.  in June 1973 I graduated as a Salutatorian.

Then in the fall, I took up food service classes for three-fourth of a year.  I graduated from North Hennepin Vocational Technical School (Hennepin Technical College).

In my early 50's, I enrolled in Hennepin Technical College.  My major was Medical Administrative Assistant.  This time God said, "yes", to my choice of going to college.  I was involved in the work study program for three years.  I worked in the library and tutoring.  Beginning in September of 2010 I was taken off the work study program where I earned some money therefore, that left me without income.  I used the money I had to try to make ends meet.  I graduated from college with AAS degree in the Medical Administrative Assistant program.  I graduated as a salutatorian, and earned a place on the president's list.  I learned a lot in college, knowing how to use a computer, communication skills, accounting, medical classes, English refresher and many other classes.  God has always, had the right timing for me to learn these things.


I was in the food service business for 28 years.  At first, it was a hard to find a job, because in the '70's you had to tell if you had a disability.  I was in and out of jobs because the employer didn't like the work performance-I wasn't fast enough.  Some of the main jobs I had were:  Trivilla of Golden Valley (late 70's-early 80's).  I worked as a dietary aide for about six years, North Ridge Care Center ('82-"97) as a dietary aide for close to ten years.  After that I switched to Arby's in Crystal (1997-2007)-changed locations for about 12 years.

The problem I had with employment is that there were gaps four or five times where I didn't have a job or enough money to have a decent meal.  I needed to may my bills first, then buy food with what was left.  God taught me humbleness in my time of poverty.  He also showed me what it was like to have enough food on the table to eat well as I had a good paying job.  I had to move back to my mom's three times when I was in my 20's because I didn't have the money to live on my own or lost a job.  Finally, in 1983 when I was 28, I moved out of mom's house for the last time.  I had a good job at Trivilla.  In May of 2007 I was let go at Arby's.  I decided to change careers in my early 50's.  In October of 2012 I found a one month job calling people to remind them to vote.


I found out that the employment department didn't count the work study program as a job, so consequently, I couldn't get unemployment.  I was able to get some food from the food shelf for a short time, because they picked out the food and some of it I didn't like.  As I was looking for work, I was running into the same problems-too old to be hired.  My college education was very beneficial for me even though I never got a job as a medical administrative assistant.  God knew where these skills were going to be used.  This was a very hard trail that God gave me.  I had to see counselors several times throughout this time.  Mom gave me her support and good words of knowledge.  She said to "stand up for your rights and fight".  Mom always checked in with me each day to see how things went at school.  She gave me good comforting words and encouragement as well.  At some point either a counselor or another professional told me about thinking positive about things.  I needed to have confidence in myself, knowing that I can do it!  Not to listen or believe what others were telling me.  I also needed to believe in myself and love myself.  That there is always hope for me and I CAN DO IT!  Eventually, I got/read the book called " The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale.  This helped a lot!  I learned how to see things on the positive side instead of thinking negatively about things.  Some of the many benefits I had from reading this book were:  being a problem solver, look at the bright side of a situation, how to give encouragement and hope to others, courage to stand up to those who called me a name.  I'd heard it all, so it didn't matter what they said, I just brushed it off my shoulders and moved on.  I also grew in perseverance, endurance, counseling, hope, friendliness and diligence.  These virtues helped me face many trials and that laid ahead of me, in addition to the many prayers that I said.


In January of 2011, I wanted to get some administrative experience, so I could get a job.  I volunteered at North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale and the U of M.  I was at North Memorial for a little over 1 1/2 years and about 2 years at the U of M.


When I was in my 20's, I took up the interest I had for sewing from the lessons I learned in sixth grade Home Economics.  I found someone who taught me a little more about sewing.  It became a hobby for many years (20 years or so).  I put a pause on sewing projects for about five years.  I then asked God to help me get started again with sewing.  I refreshed my mind by starting with simple projects, working my way up to harder projects.

I October/November of 2012, I had less than $50.00 to live on.  I needed money and I had not one place to turn to for help.  It was then I recalled what God had said to me about starting my own business.  I talked to God saying, "I surrender myself to you and trust in you that you will show me how to start my business."  God was reaching out to me, wanting to help me in this for three months.  God had waited patiently for a few months until I was seeing God's plan for me more at his level.

I had an early order in March, but my official opening date of my business was April 9th, 2013.  I wanted to honor my mom by starting on April 9th, 2013.  I started on Google and Yelp for searching.  A while after, I found out that I couldn't have a personal business in my apartment.  I went to see the manager about it.  I kept in my mind that if God really wanted me to have this business, the manager would approve it.  I talked to the manager, explaining what I do in my business and very few people would be coming over.  At first she was hesitant, not wanting me to do it, but then gave me her approval to have it.  This was proof that God wanted me to have this business and earn money to make live a good life.  The Holy Spirit gave me the name of my business-Peggy's Quality Sewing and Repair, and my motto-"Dress your best and be the best you can be".  I started out repairing clothes and making new clothes.  Then after a few years, learned more about making curtains/drapes, making cushion covers and making formal wear.  I made two first communion dresses and a formal dress for a bride at a reception (different from a a bridal gown).  So I really expanded my business!  Finally, on November 23, 2022, my energy was declining and I didn't think that I could go on with my business, so I closed it.  I was in business a little over 9 1/2 years.


While my other siblings went to Sacred Heart School, I had Sunday school classes and CCD in middle school (grades 7-9).  I received my first communion when I was 11 and confirmed at 12 or 13 years old.  When I was out of high school, I continued to practice my faith through prayer, going to church and receiving the sacraments.  Like my mom, I was very active in church ministries.  I went to Sacred Heart Church in Robbinsdale from birth until I was 28 years old.


In my teen years and in my 20's, I had such a hard time with making friends that I fell into the trap of being a "people pleaser" just to make friends.  This was a "heavy weight on my neck".  My character changed to be pleasing to the friends I made.  I don't know how many years this went on, but somewhere in my mid to late 20's, I knew that I was missing a part of me.  I wasn't as happy or satisfied with my life as I should have been.  I prayed to God about it and it was probably through the Holy Spirit that a person was brought to me talk about it.  I found out that I wasn't being "true to myself".  "Who am I?", I asked myself.  "What is my identity?"  "Who does God see me as?" I knew that it would take a lifetime to find these answers.  To start with I decided that if people can't accept me for who I am, then they're not a friend.  Sometimes it was my faith that prevented the friendship, or my health condition, along with many other reasons they rejected me.

I learned to be a "God pleaser" instead, giving God the glory for everything I did.  This was the missing piece of my life.  When the Hoy Spirit guided me to transform my life, I felt more meaning, self-worth and valued.  It was a 180 degree turn around for me.  I felt more love in what I was doing too.

When I was 28 years old, I transferred to St. Raphael's and lived at Garden and Village for 38 years.  This location was less than a mile from St. Raphael's.  I know that God had picked out this place for me for this reason, along with being on the bus line and close to the Crystal shopping center.


I was in many ministries at St. Raphael's, the first one being singing in the choir a half year after I got there.  The Holy Spirit put the thought in my mind.

I was in the prayer group for several years and joined a home bible study group led by Jim Hentges, for several years.

In 1997, I learned about Pam Cheny's bible study group and joined that for 10 years.

In my late 20's and 30's, I was wanting to become a nun.  I tried four times, but God didn't allow it; he had other plans for me.

In 1997 a Young Adult started, called Kindred Spirits.  We did a lot of activities as a group.  Some events were:  volleyball, skiing, biking, and going out for a meal.  Within a year or two of starting the group we wanted to have fundraiser.  That's when the Bake Sake, in November go started.  So it's been around 24 years that we have had it!  The group lasted for 13 years and I closed it in December 201o, with no one having an interest in it anymore.

I got into the Respect for Life as soon as I knew of it.  I'm currently with.  Many good things arose from this:  praying at Planned Parenthood, going to the Capital, being at the Festival, sharing items and brochures, and sometimes having he mobile ultrasound unit there to let women see how you can see your unborn baby.

In 2010, the Marriage and Family community started and I joined right away.  Sharon Hedman, Amy Glasscock and some others were there too.  We were fighting for the marriage to be between only one mane and one women.  In July of 2012, we decided to start a Parish Holy Hour.  Last year in July was the Holy Hours' 10th anniversary of having it.  I eventually became in charge of it and continued until March 2023 when my health was preventing me from continuing.

I was voted to be on the Parish Counsel from 2007-2014 and I was asked by Fr. Izan to remain on the counsel for another year.

Shortly after I was out of the Kindred Spirits group, I joined the R.S. and I am still in it.

Around 2004, I signed up to be a Lecture, reading the scripture at masses on weekends.  Sometimes I did it for both Sunday masses.  It was an honor to be in this ministry for 15 years.

I can't recall what year it was then Jim Hentges started a ministry group in Marian Hall.  Listening to Jeff's talks and then discussing them in small groups.  Jim would say some things about the video before we started discussing.  I learned much from this group.  This ministry group lasted several years with a good turn out.

In 2012 a couple of my friends told me about the Carmelites.  I was encouraged by Amy G. to check it out.  So I went a few times that year to their meetings/benediction and learned what was required to be a Carmelite.  With God's guidance, I practiced those things to see if I would qualify and be comfortable being in this ministry.  A year went by and I thought and I was ready to enroll:  I didn't hear God saying, "no" to it.  This was the ministry God had planned for me to be in!  The timing of the year God wanted me to join was special, too, even though I didn't know it at the time.  I got very spiritually enriched by being in this ministry.  I studied the saints and practiced the Carmelite rules.  I learned many things the church didn't teach me yet.  Here's where I learned to grow or start growing in many virtues.  What a spiritual enrichment this was for my life.  One studies for six years to be a Discalsed Carmelite of the third order and then starting in the seventh year there was a mass and ceremony for those advancing to the next level.  September 8th, 2019 (on the second Sunday of the month) some people in my group pointed out why this was very special day for us.  It was the Blessed Virgin Mary's birthday and St. Terese of Lizue make vow to be Carmelite.  This was my day to make my promise to Carmel, and become an official Discalsed Carmelite of the third order.


(summer/early fall)

I was self-centered in my childhood, but I learned to grow out of it was I learned to share with others.  The second milestone around my neck was worse than the first one.  When I was growing up mom and dad let have things "my way".  This stayed with me until my mid 30's when I got a job and I had to obey the company's rules.  I worked hard on this, learning that I can't be doing this anymore.  I prayed to God and persevered for a long time on this, asking God to help me.  Somewhere I learned about self-denial and putting others first.  I've read in scripture many times about what Jesus said, Matthew 16:24, "If a man wishes to follow, he must deny his very self, take up his cross and being to follow in my footsteps".  Thus, I had to take a sharp turn in my life.  I practiced daily about thinking of other's needs and not mine.  Gradually, more love, kindness, friendliness, and goodness came from this.  I don't know how many years it took to break this giant milestone around my neck, but it was very rewarding when God brought me to the end of this trial.  It felt natural in my habits to be this way.  I praise and thank God for showing me His glory.  This scripture means to me that I need to accept God's mission that he gave me along with the trials that comes with it.  Bear the pain God allows on this journey and thank Him for it for you will the joy in it later.  Think of the people God puts in your path, for this mission and center on helping them in time of need.  I was also discovering who I am by giving myself as a gift to others with the skills (gifts) God gave me.

Reaching for Faith started in 2012 when the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and Saint Paul started "Rediscover".  Fr. Izen asked Phil R. and another parishioner to lead the group.  I went to hear the talk with 100's of other Christians.  Eventually, a few of us at St. Raphael's took that same name and created a group to study books that the parish received from a generous donor.  The first book was "Rediscover Catholicism" by Matthew Kelly.  That's when the book club got started.  CD's were given out in 2013.  The first annual Rediscover Catholic Celebration was on October 12th, 13 at the St. Paul River Center.  5,000 Catholics joined the celebration.  St. Raphael's got a bus and transported 50 church members to this event.  Again in 2014, there was a book give away - "A Biblical Walk Through the Mass" .  Another Rediscover Catholic Celebration was held in October.  It was an all day event.  This new venue holds more than 10,000 people.  Another free book came out this year - "Prayer in an Essential Part of our Relationship with God". Then at Christmas time there was a Christmas book or CD give away - "The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic" by Matthew Kelly.  We studied this book in our group and I got a lot knowledge from this book.

In 2015, we had to rename our group to Reaching for Faith, because we started to host some guest speakers and there were copyright concerns.  We expanded our events back in 2012, to having a Festival booth for three years.  in 2016-17, another free book giveaway.  There were six faith journey testimonies from our parishioners.  Then in the summer of this year, our group expanded even more!  We started, Free Food, Friendship, and Freedom, where we held free hot dog meals in front of the church on six Thursdays, July-August.  I enjoyed serving and talking to the people, this was one for of Evangelism.  Many people came to socialize and our pastor came out to talk to them about their faith and other issues.  The number of people who came expanded, so by 2022, we had served 332 meals.

Moving forward to 2020, we continued to expand to reach out to others outside of our church.  Denise Hire, Director of SPSE for our region spoke to a couple of members of our group to tell us hot it works.  Than summer Phil and Sharon H. went to Lake Calhoun to evangelize.  We then added St. P. St. Evangelization to our Reaching for Faith name.  We started doing this in front of our church and down the sidewalk in late summer.  This is when I became involved.  We called it "Drive thru Prayer".  I've been practicing this gift for many years and was excited to get started doing it!  We do it the first Saturday of the month from 10:00-noon weather permitting.  This was another spiritual enrichment I received from God that I did for three years.


In the late summer of early fall of 2012, God helped me grow in a deeper relationship with Him when I was asked if I wanted to be one the 7 Sisters at our parish.  I would be praying for our pastor on Saturday each week.  I said "yes, I would like to".  After the first year of doing this, I felt transformed by God, coming closer to Him.  This ministry helped me grow spiritually, and I learned that when you pray for others, those graves come back to you multiplied.  God rewards you.  In March of 2023, I was getting too tired to carry on this ministry.  As much as I liked it, I had to pass it on to another person.  I was in it for 8 1/2 years which benefited me in more ways that I know of.

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